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Do you remember when you first got your dog? Did you dream of all the wonderful activities you would do together? All the fun you would have? All the joy they would bring?

But then when your cute little bundle of joy arrived, things didn't quite turn out how you expected ...

It might have started with a few whines and cries when they realized you were about to walk out the door. Then maybe it just got worse... and worse... Perhaps they started shaking like a leaf when they realized you were leaving them ... even though you were still there! Or, when you did leave, their panic escalated to the point of destroying your belongings, tearing the house apart, and infuriating the neighbors with constant barking and howling.

Does your dog try to escape to the point of self-harm? Become frantic? Have a meltdown?

Do you want your life back? Your spontaneity? Your ability to step outside the door without worrying what your dog is going to do?

Do you feel guilty about leaving them knowing they simply aren't going to cope?

Do you feel like a prisoner in your own home? Is your dog your furry jailer? A four-legged anchor? Are you stressed, frustrated and anxious about what you are going to come home to?

You didn't sign up for this!

Imagine being able to walk out the door without fear, guilt or shame, and be comfortable knowing your little buddy is going to be okay with your absence!

Imagine having the life you dreamed of with your pup and never feeling resentful that they are trapping you in your home!

Imagine having the world's top professionals at your fingertips when you need help with other issues related to behavior, health or wellbeing.

Looking for a permanent solution where you get help and guidance, can actually see progress and are able to walk out the door, knowing your dog is not just okay, but also happy and content to be left?

But also have the opportunity to learn about all other aspects of dog behavior, health and nutrition?

Well, finally there's a program that's designed to give you all the steps you need to start decoding your dog's separation anxiety ...


This app literally takes the guesswork out of your training. You will no longer have to question whether you are doing it right! Step-by-step guidance delivered to your computer or phone.


Get your questions answered during weekly tailored training via Zoom or Q&A Lives to get specific about your particular situation with your dog. Troubleshoot issues in real time.


Join me for regular guest spots with dog professionals from around the world. Is there something you want to learn about that's not separation anxiety related? Diet, behavior, training, health? Anything specific? All you have to do is ask and I shall find the best speaker to answer all your questions.

Now you can actually leave your dog at home alone without wondering how they will cope without you!

K9 Decoders uses a proven step-by-step formula to ensure your dog doesn't panic when you walk out the door, and in a kind and compassionate way ... plus you will no longer be losing your mind with worry about how they are doing!

Have you tried to 'fix it' on your own, followed some dodgy advice off YouTube or burrowed into a book, only to find you are still confused, have no structured plan and don't see any real progress or change?

But picture yourself in a few months time ...

Imagine being able to leave your home alone knowing your dog is happy and content!

How would it feel to head off to dinner and the movies without feeling guilty or anxious about your beloved furry companion?!

How would it feel to pop to the shops when you forget the milk and bread, without having to put a military operation in place to make sure your dog is not alone?

How would it feel to no longer be a prisoner? To no longer feel judged by family and friends? To just be able to go about your day-to-day business like a 'normal' person?

Become a K9 Decoder

🐾 Join the Community
🐾 Phenomenal Support via Weekly Group Coaching
🐾 Specialist Training App that removes the guesswork out of the steps needed to train your dog 

to give you the life you have always dreamed of
🐾 Private Facebook Group
🐾 Regular guest spots with dog professionals 

on a range of topics

🐾 8-Module Online Course to tell you everything you need to know about separation anxiety  
🐾 Got a dog who becomes anxious before you even step outside the door? I've got you covered with my  step-by-step Mini Door Desensitization Course which you also get when you join

The A.L.O.N.E. Method* 

A – Assessing what the dog’s threshold is
– Learning how to be calm when home alone
O – Observing the dog so it never goes over threshold
N – Nurturing calm home alone time by setting the dog up for success
E – Easy, step-by-step guidance to ensure your dog is Calm, Confident,  
      Comfortable & Consistent, otherwise known as The 4Cs

In case we haven't met ... 

I am Ness Jones ...

I am a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Behavior Consultant (Cert. SAPBC). And while qualifications in this field are certainly important, I wholeheartedly believe it's results that count.

I also understand the importance of furthering education for optimal results. I am a Canine Behaviour Practitioner and have a Diploma in Canine Behaviour from the renowned International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour (ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac), am a Certified in Applied Canine Ethology (CACE) from the Ethology Institute and a CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Ethology Institute).

I am a Canine Myofunctional Therapist (dog masseur), Small Animal Nutritionist and hold a Diploma as a Small Animal Naturopath (Dip.NatSA). I adhere wholeheartedly to providing a raw food diet to dogs.

When tackling separation anxiety, I take a holistic approach to look at the broader picture of what is going on with the dog rather than narrowing down on training alone, as this can really help move the dog's progress forward.

I am an international speaker and also the co-host of podcast Tails From The Dog House: Separation Anxiety Explained (available on all good listening apps and on YouTube).

Also, and importantly, once upon a time, many years ago I had a dog who would literally dig holes in the wall when she was left alone.

I get you! I see you! I've been there and I understand what you and your dog are going through.

What past clients have to say ...

"This was the best thing I ever did. I can now leave the house knowing I have a dog who is happy sleeping and not freaking out crying!"

- Victoria & Teddy

"We went from a nervous little dog displaying an adverse reaction to being left alone for ninety seconds to a much calmer dog who could be confidently left to his own devices for five hours."

- Sean & Gus

"Ness was wonderful with helping our Lola to cope being by herself. It was always easy to communicate with her and she constantly provided quick updates and constructive feedback."

- Ewa & Lola

Our Promise To You:

We're certain that you will LOVE Decoders but we understand that life happens. That's why you can cancel your membership at ANY TIME, for ANY REASON. 


Decoders is a step-by-step structured program that uses gradual exposure therapy and desensitization providing only 'safe' absences for your dog. It literally takes the thinking out of the training for you and you no longer have to question what the next step is. It comprises daily training delivered to your computer outlining everything you need to do to achieve The 4Cs for your dog. It utilizes The A.L.O.N.E. Method* to help your dog cope every time you walk out the door and to give you your life back.

Unfortunately, that question is an unknown. We can only do the training at a pace your dog can cope with. The dog is our guide. As much as we want training to move quickly, it is the dog who let's us know what they can and cannot cope with. We must go at their speed.

Yes and no. While you are undergoing a training program with me, I will ask you to try to manage your absences as best you can so your dog never goes 'over threshold'. Because I use 'gradual exposure therapy' (to safe absences only), it is important to ensure the dog never gets to panic point. Managing absences doesn't actually have to be complicated, even if it sounds like it must be! I can talk you through some of the protocols you can put in place to achieve this while you are undertaking your program. Just remember that every time your dog is left alone to panic, it may undermine any progress made during training.

You will need access to the internet to be able to work with Ness Jones remotely and to use the specialist training app. You will also need the ability to record your training sessions so you can send me video of how your dog went. I can talk you through the easiest way to do this.

That is totally understandable. No one wants that. Firstly, not all dogs require medication although if they have generalised anxiety they might certainly be a candidate for it. It's really a conversation to have with your vet. Secondly, if your dog does indeed require medication, it should not turn your dog into a zombie or change their personality. In addition, medication is not a magic pill and will not 'fix' your dog's separation anxiety. It is purely there to facilitate training and may not even be necessary for your dog's entire life.

What past clients have to say ...

I had already been doing desensitisation training with him, but working with
Ness really kicked things into gear! Definitely a solid foundation that
I’m able to work with now to
continue to build his confidence
in being home alone.

 Philippa & Loki

In the beginning I couldn’t even open the door without him barking frantically and rushing out the door. Now he quietly settles on his bed or on the couch  I am much more confident moving forward compared to when I was trying different training methods on my own.

Rabby & Leo

This was our family's first experience with a dog with separation anxiety and Ness has been an amazing support. As dealing with a dog with separation anxiety is very stressful working with Ness allowed us to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Emily & Kevin

Become a K9 Decoder 

🐾 Join the vibrant Community
🐾Phenomenal support with Weekly Group Coaching via Zoom  
🐾 Specialist Training App that removes the guesswork and provides all the steps to train your dog 
and give you back the life you always dreamed of
🐾 Private Facebook Group
🐾 Regular guest spots with dog professionals 

on a range of topics

🐾 8-Module Online Course to tell you everything you need to know about separation anxiety 

🐾 Got a dog who becomes anxious before you even step outside the door? I've got you covered with my 
step-by-step Mini Door Desensitization Course which you also get when you join

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If you have any questions about either of the programs, feel free to email Ness at hello@nessjones.com



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